Dreams Of Alaya- Book One

Betty Buckley
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Join the antics with Alaya cat and her Bestie, an over-the -top bird named Bertie Boy. Follow them as they escape the clutches of the cantankerous Mr. Quiggie. Free at last the duo leap into a night full of adventures. The little ones will be highly entertained! And parents will have a ball reading it to them or just knowing they love Dreams of Alaya❤️

This is an adventure story for parents or grandparents to read to their children or grandchildren that are on the younger side.  Dreams of Alaya also fits well for the 6 to 9 age group to read themselves. But then again that depends on the child and their individual reading abilities. My book is a high quality paperback 7" by 10" a 103 pages and image rich. Included within is a page with the words and musical notes of the "Fly Away" song by Huangsu. This song was especially created for Bertie Boy! You will also receive a postcard displaying a piece of artwork from Dreams Of Alaya. And if you like I will be honored to autograph your book.

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You will receive one printed copy of Dreams of Alaya book one and a postcard with art work from the story.

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